Related Organizations

Related Organizations

Fundación Azulado is an Ecuadorian not-for-profit organization whose objective is to prevent child maltreatment and sexual abuse through educational programs directed to parents, teachers, and children. The impact of working with these three groups is powerful and increases the possibility of real change in family and school environments. When teachers, parents, and caregivers change their mentality, the impact over time is enormous. We also provide psychological treatment to children and families who have experienced situations of abuse, thus working on the underlying problem of child abuse in Ecuador. Addressing child abuse is an important component of palliative care because children with special care needs are especially vulnerable to neglect and diverse forms of abuse. Dr. Michelle Grunauer is the co-founder of this organization. 

Learn more about Fundación Azulado here.

Fundación Triada is a non-profit organization that aims to provide care and treatment to people with neurological disabilities regardless of age, condition, or socioeconomic status; it also aims to provide families with training.

Learn more about Fundación Triada here.

Fundación El Triángulo is a specialized center for people with intellectual disabilities; it offers cognitive and functional training and inclusive work programs. It is guided by the principles of educational excellence, human quality, and respect for life. 

Learn more about Fundación El Triángulo here.